September in Berlin

I’m spending September in Berlin, more specifically as a research fellow at the Weizenbaum Institut für die vernetzte Gesellschaft. During my time here, I’ve given a couple of talks (evidence below) and planned out work on a project I will be undertaking with Ulrike Klinger regarding the growth of Facebook for political uses in […]

Spending the week in Denmark

Thanks to Luca Rossi for the picture on the right. I took the one on the left myself.

I’m spending the week in Denmark, presenting some of my ongoing research for the DECIDIS group at the IT-University of Copenhagen. Focusing on online political communication, my paper “Baking, skiing – governing. Exploring the popularity of […]

I should have taken one of these with me back to Oslo

Anger drives news sharing

I was interviewed in today’s issue of Dagens Næringsliv regarding news sharing on Facebook – in short, if the news makes us angry, we share them to higher extents. Read the whole thing here (pdf) – in norwegian.

Stortinget på Twitter

I morse deltog jag i norsk radio – närmare bestämt P2 Kulturnytt, sändningen kl. 08.05 (min del är tillgänglig här som mp3-fil). I inslaget diskuterar jag några av de fynd jag kommit fram till när det gäller hur norska partiledare i Stortinget använt sig av Twitter under pågående valkampanj – mellan 1 augusti ocb 1 […]

Interview for local TV













Yup, that’s my arm right there. I was interviewed for Uppsala local TV today – actually two separate local stations wanted to talk to me, but I’ve only managed to locate one of the interviews online. Unfortunately the clip could not be […]

Presenting in Umeå

Yours truly during todays presentation at qumu. Photo taken by Jonny Holmström.


Visualization of my talk in Oslo

I was in Oslo this tuesday to present some of my ongoing research on political Twitter use in Scandinavia (undertaken in collaboration with Hallvard Moe). My presentation went well, and was visualized by Esther Buchmann as seen above. Pretty cool, if I may say so myself.


In Oslo for a seminar

Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme

Just as the working week was winding down I received an e-mail containing the good news that my application for the 2011 Summer Doctoral Programme at the Oxford Internet Institute had been successful. Beginning july 11 and two weeks onwards, I will be spending my time at the institute discussing Internet related social scientific […]