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NordMedia 2011

Nordmedia 2011 Venue

I’m at the University of Akureyri in Iceland for the NordMedia 2011 conference. This truly is a beautiful country – I could tell from flying in from Reykjavik. With both of my presentations done, I’m looking forward to my flight home tomorrow… It feels like I haven’t been home for ages. If you ever visit Akureyri, be sure to visit the restaurant Rub 23 – and don’t be afraid to try the sushi pizza (actuallt quite good and not at all as weird as it sounds).

Accepted for publication – New Media & Society

My vacation in Tarragona, Spain is winding down. Just as I was about to head off to the NordMedia 2011 conference (by way of Sweden), I was informed that my co-authored paper “Studying political microblogging. Twitter users in the 2010 Swedish election campaign” had been accepted for publication in New Media & Society. Good news indeed – I’ve mentioned before that this particular journal was one of my inspirations for pursuing a career in research, and so, I was very satisfied with these news. The paper was co-written with Hallvard Moe and is the first publication to come out of our ongoing project regarding political Twitter use in the Scandinavian countries.