“Washington D.C. / It’s paradise to me”

“It’s not the way they put folks on the moon”

Acceptance letters for the 2019 ICA conference are out, and this year I am fortunate enough to be involved in four presentations:

  • Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Coherent Clusters’ or ‘Fuzzy Zones’ – Understanding attention and structure in online political participation.
  • Skogerbø, Eli and Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Comparing Twitter and Instagram as platforms for party leader communication – Findings from the 2017 Norwegian election.
  • Russmann, UtaSvensson, Jakob and Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Portraying Politics – Instagram use in Scandinavian election campaigns. 
  • Rustad, Gry Cecilie and Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Spreading Skam: Social media television reception and textual engagement.

A healthy mix of political communication and television studies – no journalism presentations for me this year, it would seem. All in all, it looks like I will have a busy conference once when the International Communication Association convenes in Washington D.C. at the end of may.

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