Internet Research 12

Yesterday, I got back home from the 12th Internet Research conference. Just in time to see one of my favorite guitarists Kurt Rosenwinkel play a show here in Uppsala, by the way. Following last years conference in Gothenburg, IR12 was held in Seattle – a city I had never visited before. I quite liked the city, as it seemed to have all the positive qualities of a big US city, it seemed like a little more “intimate” place. Before the conference started I had some time to check out the surroundings together with some friends who were also in town for the same reason I was. The four of us also make up the members of rockband extraordinaire, The AOIR Heads, as can be seen here (what?). On a more serious note, my presentation (slides available here) on use by social media by SJ, the national Swedish train operator went very well, as you might be able to tell from the picture above (found here). It was part of a panel on “Social media and Crisis communication” that also featured Axel Bruns, Jean Burgess, Kate Crawford and fellow OIISDP-er Frances Shaw. Good fun and good presentations all round!

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