New publication – European Journal of Communication

Recently accepted for publication in European Journal of Communication, “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together? Party Leaders On Twitter During The 2013 Norwegian Elections” will probably be my last research contribution delving into the 2013 Norwegian elections. But then again, a couple of ideas are brewing in the back of my head, so you […]

Three new publications

The past few weeks have brought with them good news in terms of publications. Specifically, three papers that I have been involved have been accepted for publication in three different journals. First of all, together with Jakob Svensson, I have written a research review outlining some possible ways forward for scholars interested in the […]

New publications – free access (for a while…)

Plenty of time has passed since my last post here. I have been keeping busy – leaving my native Sweden and taking up a three-year position as a postdoctoral fellow at the university of Oslo, preceded by functioning as a guest researcher at that same institution. Meanwhile, I’m pleased to announce that a few […]

Featured in The Atlantic


My paper on Twitter use during the 2010 Swedish elections (co-authored with Hallvard Moe) was recently featured in The Atlantic. Always nice to see your work get appreciated also outside of academia. You can read the piece here.


Relocated to Oslo

Summer is winding down, and I am now relocated to Oslo, where I’ll be a guest researcher at the Department of Media and Communication for the coming months. Moreover, a new publication based on my collaborations with Hallvard Moe just came out in Nordicom Review – ” Methodological and ethical challenges with large-scale analyses […]

Two new publications

During the last couple of weeks, two papers I’ve written have been accepted for publication in two journals that I have followed since my start in academia. While it is satisfactory in itself to have your work accepted in journals that you’ve followed for some time, I am extra happy with these particular publications […]

Possible picture for thesis cover?

Found at the Flickr pages of the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive. Original image available here.

plans for the first half of 2012

My paper on the uses of interactive features on Swedish newspaper web sites has been published online at Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. This was the first paper I wrote as part of my PhD work, and so it is especially satisfying to see it published. Otherwise, I’m gearing […]

paper published before print

Just got word that the paper on Twitter use during the 2010 Swedish elections (co-authored with Hallvard Moe) has been published online. Of course, you need to subscribe to the journal in question in order to read the piece – or you can get your hands on the pre-print version, available here. Hope you […]

New publication – Nordicom Review

Waking up this morning, I was greeted with great news – a paper on ethical and methodological issues I co-wrote with Hallvard Moe had been accepted for publication in Nordicom Review. The paper, entitled Methodological and ethical challenges with large-scale analyses of online political communication, emanates from our ongoing project on political Twitter use in […]