“Picture-Perfect Populism”

New publication out – this one took a little over a year from start to finish. The paper, which has been published online in New Media & Society, deals with the rise of populist parties in Europe and the ways in which such parties appear to dominate Facebook in terms of gaining traction on […]

We won a prize

They almost got the last name right. Almost.

A paper I co-authored with Øyvind Ihlen and Ketil Raknes was recently awarded the best paper award during the 2019 EUPRERA conference. Here’s what the jury had to say about our paper, entitled “The democratic success of Twitter as a lobbying tool”:

The paper discusses the […]

Teacher exchange in Urbino

I’ve spent the last couple of days at the university of Urbino, hosted by Fabio Giglietto as part of an ERASMUS teacher exchange between Westerdals Oslo ACT and the department of communication studies at the aforementioned university. Urbino proved to be a lovely little town – about 15 000 inhabitants live there, to which […]


New position from November 1

In mid-july, I accepted the position as Associate Professor at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology (Westerdals Oslo ACT). While I have enjoyed my postdoctoral stay at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, all temporary positions come to an end – and the position at Westerdals Oslo ACT looks […]

Award Season















At the end of the 2013 spring semester I was fortunate enough to be presented with not one, but two awards for my PhD thesis. First, the Börje Langefors Award (site in Swedish) for best Swedish thesis in Informatics defended […]

Post thesis defence













On may 16th, I (successfully) defended my PhD thesis. The picture above was taken just afterwards, as I was presented with lovely gifts from friends and family. It’s been an intense couple of weeks after the big day: on may 22 I […]

Thesis test print

Just got this test print of my phd thesis from the printers. Looks good, to me at least. The cover picture turned out good, save for the small “wavy” traces visible above. The printers assured me that this will not be an issue with the final edition. The whole batch will be delivered on […]

Director of Communication for NITA

As of april of this year, I have been appointed Director of Communication for The Swedish IT-User Centre (NITA). The web page is in Swedish, but english speakers can find information on NITA and its objectives here.

The picture didn’t turn out to good, but besides that…

Together with Else Nygren, I co-authored this article on digital generations in schools for the Swedish debate site Newsmill.