Looking for scientific assistant / vitenskaplig assistent

I’m looking for a (master’s level) student to do scientific assistant work. The interested applicant can be employed to do only step 1 as described below, but there is also the possibility for a student w basic R skills (such as those that you have after the Analyse av digital kommunikasjon 1 class) to go on to work on step 2.

Step 1

Copy links to each individual post made to TikTok by a series of Scandinavian politicians. Essentially, right-clicking on each individual post, copying the URL and pasting the copied URL into a spreadsheet (Excel, google sheets…). Sort of what you are seeing below. Alternatively, some sort of automation routine could be used – like those offered by service like Axiom , Zapier, Integromat, tray.io or Exolyt – to get the URL for each individual video.

Step 2

… requires R knowledge. Specifically, the assistant would archive data from the collected TikTok URLs (as done in step 1) using the traktok R package. The assistant would also be responsible for “tidying” and organising the resulting data sets in order to make them ready for further analysis and export.

Beyond getting insights into the research process, the assistant who opts for both steps will get applied knowledge on how to use state-of-the-art data collection tools. Similarly, if the assistant is interested, s/he could for instance use the resulting data (similar to the Facebook and Instagram data sets we looked at in the Analyse av digital kommunikasjon 1 class in his/her master’s thesis). For both steps, it is important that the interested applicant is thorough, structured and organised.

If you are interested, please send me an email as soon as possible explaining (briefly): why you are interested, if you want to do step 1 or both steps and why you think you are the most suitable person for this job.

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