Paper published before print

As of yesterday, one of my papers on the use of interactive features on the web sites of Swedish newspapers is available (pending your library benefits) via New Media & Society. If I remember correctly, it is scheduled for print in the november issue of said journal.


Two in a row!

It seems like all of my work for the past three years is paying off at almost the same time. One of my papers on the 2o10 Swedish election just got published in First Monday. Specifically, it attempts to track the changes that political party web sites undergo throughout the entire election year. While […]

Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme

Just as the working week was winding down I received an e-mail containing the good news that my application for the 2011 Summer Doctoral Programme at the Oxford Internet Institute had been successful. Beginning july 11 and two weeks onwards, I will be spending my time at the institute discussing Internet related social scientific […]