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Presenting in Lisbon

Picture from @lu_cecco on Twitter

Today I had the opportunity to present some of my ongoing work regarding what kind of political party content gets shared on Facebook at the Political Participation Networks on Facebook colloquium, hosted by ICNOVA (NOVA Institute of Communication) in Lisbon. I managed to re-use a title for a presentation based on a previous project – “Anger is an energy”. For various reasons (Reviewer 2), I could not use that particular title for that previous project once it was published – I hope to be able to do so once this current project finds a home in a journal somewhere. Fingers crossed.

Swedish right-wingers online during the initial phases of the corona virus

Yours truly presenting online

At the end of may, in the middle of the virus craziness, I had the opportunity to take part of an online seminar on anti-democratic and extremist responses to Covid19 – mobilisations in and around Sweden organised by the research platform Rethinking Democracy at the Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University in collaboration with the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. In my contribution, I tried to sketch out some of the tendencies that could be discerned in relation the Facebook engagement enjoyed by right-wingers in the political sphere and in the media sector. In short, right-wingers appear to be utilising virus-related news in order to “re-frame” their typical key issues, such as immigration. The entire seminar can be viewed here.

“O Canada”

I am back in Oslo after a few days in Ottawa where I presented some of my ongoing work (with lead author Shelley Boulianne) on social media use during the 2019 Canadian elections. The tweet embedded above shows during the Q & A portion of our presentation. This collaboration has so far resulted in a report which can be accessed here. Indeed, as this research deals with the Canadian context, the report is also available en français.

“Don’t wanna hurt no kangaroo”

I’m wrapping up my stay at QUT in Brisbane where I have participated in the #AoIR2019 conference. This year, I presented some ongoing work about the changing nature of popular political party posts over time. I also served as an advisor in the Early Career Scholars Workshop which was organised as a preconference.

Picture by @raquelrecuero
Picture by @raquelrecuero – I might look sleepy, but I assure you I was not.
Panel selfie by @Timothyjgraham

“Washington D.C. / It’s paradise to me”

“It’s not the way they put folks on the moon”

Acceptance letters for the 2019 ICA conference are out, and this year I am fortunate enough to be involved in four presentations:

  • Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Coherent Clusters’ or ‘Fuzzy Zones’ – Understanding attention and structure in online political participation.
  • Skogerbø, Eli and Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Comparing Twitter and Instagram as platforms for party leader communication – Findings from the 2017 Norwegian election.
  • Russmann, UtaSvensson, Jakob and Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Portraying Politics – Instagram use in Scandinavian election campaigns. 
  • Rustad, Gry Cecilie and Larsson, Anders Olof (2019). Spreading Skam: Social media television reception and textual engagement.

A healthy mix of political communication and television studies – no journalism presentations for me this year, it would seem. All in all, it looks like I will have a busy conference once when the International Communication Association convenes in Washington D.C. at the end of may.

Presentations accepted at the 2018 ECREA conference

The dust has settled following the review process for the seventh bi-annual European Communication Conference, to be held this year in Lugano, Switzerland. Three submissions that I was involved with were accepted for presentation:

… sort of a “mixed bag” of my research interests – mostly political communication, but also a presentation based on my ongoing collaboration with Gry Cecilie Rustad (university of Oslo) regarding Instagram fan engagement with the popular Norwegian webb-tv-series Skam.

Presenting at ICA in San Diego

Picture from Stephen Cushion on Twitter.

I may look somewhat reserved in the picture above, but in reality, I had a good time at the Journalism Studies Division PhD Colloquium. I commented on a paper and, as seen above, took part in a panel on career management for (comparably) younger scholars. Others taking part in the panel were Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Nikki Usher and Edson Tandoc Jr.

Besides the colloquium, I was involved in two other presentations – one in a preconference on online commenting, “Comments, Anyone? Multidisciplinary Approaches for Analyzing Online User Comments Across News and Other Content Formats”, where a collaborative project involving myself, Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk and Anders Sundnes Løvlie was presented by Karoline. Moreover, I presented my own work regarding the uses of Instagram by politicians and parties during a session of the main conference organised by the political communication division.

Quick visit to Quebec





























Just got back from Quebec City and from the fifth edition of the International workshop on political communication (pdf) as hosted by the Groupe de recherche en communication politique at the Université Laval in general and by Thierry Giasson in particular. While travelling to Quebec to stay there for merely three days is not optimal, I enjoyed the workshop, which featured myself and four other invited guests providing extensive presentations and taking questions for a similarly extended period of time. A demanding format, but interesting and very useful. I presented on the uses of social media by Scandinavian politicians, focusing specifically on what types of content as posted by parties and politicians that seem to “work” – as in receiving comparably higher numbers of “likes” or shares.

Good times in Odense

… and for those who are interested in what I talked about, the paper can be found here (or indeed on or ResearchGate).